Key Line: A Fast Freight Line connecting 19th Century Model Railroads

The Key Line project provides decals and registration for model railroaders to participate in a national/international Fast Freight line. Fast Freight lines were formed by groups of railroads in the 19th century to expedite traffic that involved multiple railroads to move cargo from source to destination.

Many such lines existed, but we cannot find any mention of a "Key Line" prototype. So we have adopted this for our own use. Although most inter-railroad Fast Freight Lines were gone by the turn of the (previous) century, we are stretching the point to support use of the logo into the 1920s era, and of course Modelers are free to invoke Rule 1 as appropriate.

If a modeler wants to participate in the Key Line project, s/he has to do the following

About Fast Freight Lines

History of Fast Freight Lines (Railway Age Gazette, Feb 11, 1910)

Logos and Heralds. Rules for same.

Draft heralds

Preliminary dating for the heralds (left-to-right)

We will also do an all-text herald (no key.)

Proposed rules for the Key Line herald

The intent of these rules is to provide some uniformity across the participating (model) railroads. These are written as requirements to be applied when lettering a car for Key Line.

ORER page

Example ORER page (this for the Empire Line FFL, August 1897)
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